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You are here: Home Lieder Bunt sind schon die Wälder Edition F: Amerikanische Fassung 1845
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F. Now the leaves are faded

(Amerikanische Fassung 1845)

Übersetzung: William B. Bradbury (1816–1868) oder C. W. Sanders
Melodie: Johann Friedrich Reichardt (1752–1814)

Autumnal song.

Music arranged, and words translated from the
German, for this work.

1. Now the leaves are faded,
Fields with cold pervaded,
Wear a palid hue;
Chilly breezes blowing,
Icy streamlets flowing,
Winter's signs renew.
2. Yet there's much to cheer us,
Though the winter's near us,
When the Autumn comes;
Herbs of sweetest savor,
Fruits of finest flavor,
Apples, peaches, plums.
3. Corn o'erspreads the valleys
Grapes the garden alleys –
Yes, and luscious pears,
Tinged with golden yellow,
Juicy, rich, and mellow,
Many a hill-top bears.
4. Lengthen'd evening bringing
Times for glee and singing,
Autumn bids us smile;
Calls to social meeting,
Bids us, pleasure greeting,
All our woes beguile.
5. Yes, we gladly hail thee,
Cheers shall oft regale thee,
Autumn, fount of joy!
Pleasures various, waking,
Now shall, loudly breaking,
Swell without alloy.

The School Singer, or Young Choir's Companion: A Choice Collection of Music, Original and Selected, for Juvenile Singing Schools, Sabbath Schools, Public Schools, Academies, Select Classes, etc., Including Some of the Most Popular German Melodies, with English Words Adapted, or Poetry Translated from the German Expressly for this Work […] by Wm. B. Bradbury and C. W. Sanders. New York: Mark H. Newman 1845, S. 96.
DVA: B 50209
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