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F. From a bygone day

(Amerikanische Nachdichtung 1909)

Text: Thornton W. Standish
Musik: Robert Radecke (1830–1911)

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The Song of the Swallow

Unison Song for Basses
1. From a bygone day,
From a bygone day
Comes the song to me again,
With its charm to stay,
With its charm to stay
All my sorrow and my pain.
When the joyous trill,
When the joyous trill
Of the swallow in his flight,
Wakes the answ'ring thrill,
Wakes the answ'ring thrill
of pure delight.
2. When the buds appear,
When the buds appear,
And the azure bluebells gay,
To the list'ning ear,
To the list'ning ear
Comes the swallow's roundelay.
And his carol sweet,
And his carol sweet
With enchantment fills the air,
Ev'ry note replete,
Ev'ry note replete
With promise rare.
3. With the winter chill,
With the winter chill,
When the breath of summer dies,
When the brook is still,
When the brook is still,
Far away the swallow flies.
But his buoyant strain,
But his buoyant strain,
To our waiting hearts he'll bring,
He'll return again,
He'll return again
With blithesome Spring.

Leonard B. Marshall: The Halcyon Song-Book. New York, Boston u. Chicago: Silver, Burdett & Company 1909, S. 124f.
DVA: AV 3861, h

Dort folgende Herkunftsangabe: Text "Thornton W. Standish", Musik "Robert Radecke".

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